Thursday, July 22, 2010

for mr soulmate ♥

this is not a love song or a poem
they're just my deeper thoughts
and inner feelings
towards this special person whom i love the most
u knw i love u right? ;)


Love is when u miss him, even before he leaves

and u find urself always yearn for his presence, 

looking forward everyday, waiting for him, no matter what

Love is when the sound of his name, sends chills down ur spine

and you get lots of butterflies in your stomach, even when he only says hi

u'll feel out of the world when the romantic words came out

and of course everything seems perfect when he's around

Love is when u could listen to him, talk all night,

without ever getting tired of hearing his voice 

u could say anything to him, cause u know he's there listening

u feel like sharing all the bitters & butters of your life

laughing & crying at the same time

you know it's love when every the tiny details that seem insignificant to other

appear so incredible, magnificent and important to you

and you know it's love when you feel like spending the rest of your life with him

and you really hope that happy ending starts right away

You know he's the one when u love him

more than any other guy in the world

never want to let him go, or even think about losing him

wishing he's by your side every single moment

When you need him the most, he'll always be there

and assure you that things are going to be okay, 

giving you strength that you need, supporting you in any way

you know it's love when you trust each other enough to close your eyes

and let your partner lead the way

wherever you go, whatever you do,

i always know, that deep within its here with me that you wish to be

and i trust u as much as i want u to trust me

as long as we both know, that i love you, and you love me

Love is when you understand each other, without even trying so hard to do so

u both have the same thoughts, the same brainwaves

we complete each other, you're my better half

we do have this so-called lover instinct

both are two different people, having so much similarities

we're soulmates indeed

my darling, do you know you're the most amazing boyfriend in the world?

whatever you do, whatever you say

always make me happy, make me smile, 

and make me fall for you over & over again

everyday is a new day for us

i am your greatest fan of all, and will always be, forever

I'm glad i'm yours & you're mine

I love you so much sayang

and i'll be with you through it all

hahaha...comel kan?

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