Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WC final

was when i get to watch it with u
thanks for accompanying me
u sgt2 sweet sbb sanggup xpergi mane2 tht day
and teman ur girlfriend ni...heee~ ♥
how could i not love u even more
he's so cute la
u r definitely a true netherland supporter
siap pakai jersey dgn seluar pendek...dh mcm footballer dh...
i tkt u pakai socks and football spikes je...hahaha...seb baik x...
& u even had a bottle of orange F&N...comel...
go go orangey :D

though my spanish boyfie won, i didn't regret for supporting netherland...
the president comes first aite? ;)
second place is not tht bad sweetie
tht jersey can still be worn proudly for the next 4 years
*dlm gmbr ni kite mcm pakai same colour kan...hee~ comel~*

i've never thought LDR could be so much fun like this...
maybe this is wut people meant
jauh di mata, dekat di hati
and even distance couldnt make us apart
there'll always be a way
and we still enjoy every moments of it

though we are thousands of miles away
but we are together all the time
i can even say i love you now
and get a reply straight away
i love knwing tht u r always there for me

heee~ gmbr ni comel sgt so i nk post jugak :D
we love to peluk bantal kn...hahahaha

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