Friday, July 09, 2010

to the person i love :)

terima kasih ya tuhan
kerana lelaki itu
seikhlas hati menyayangiku

it's been a very2 long time since i felt this way
i've fallen so hard & it gets deeper everyday

and i thank you god
for sending me Mr Soulmate, my lucky charm
at times i never expected one to come
yet he's here...being so much perfect
i would have never thought such guy ever existed

no one's ever like him i shall say
who could open my heart straight away
making it constantly flutter & sway
and make me happy day by day

and i thank you god
for choosing me to be the lucky one
to be loved & wanted by such a wonderful guy

i might have been so frustrated with the fate before
somehow i've thought that there'll be love no more
and then this man came
making my small world colourful again
lifted the spirit to be alive & less pain

i guess what's meant to be, will be
this love is ours & if you agree
to spend every of your day with me
i Mr Soulmate


the sub-psychotic-awesomeness said...

love u the same way back syg..Insya'Allah i'll take gudcre of u..i'll be ur all,ur everyting.urs,now n forever,if God's will,Fahmi Radzuan.

soffea said...

alia. happy tgk u happy :)

hey anda yg berkenaan, please take a gud care of my bff ya. i know u will =)

i kat sini salu doa kebahagiaan u. insyaAllah. amin~

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