Monday, June 28, 2010

movie mode : princess & the frog

im now watching the princess & the frog...not yet finish...
couldn't resist the urge to update my blog...haha...and while googling the pics for this movie, i found so many cute pics...xsampai hati nk kurangkan so here they much as i can...haha...xnk kurangkn pun ;p ;p biarlah kalau dier jadi heavy...haha...comel sgt2...lalala~
*i want a frog prince too...huhu..and plz, let me be a frog too, just like her...
malas nk study ni...malas nk p class...malas jugak nk exm2...huhuhu...boleh x? ;p ;p

the frog couple ♥ hehe
this one sengaja bg besar cket...haha... ♥ romantic part :D sgt2 suke okehhh~

makcik bomoh ni comel kn...hahaha...

and they come with plushies2
these cute things drive me crazy!!!
waaaa, nak nakkkkk!!!
*tetibe nk suruh doshie beli ni same2 :p
we should get ths one for our friendship plushies
jom jom~ huhuhu~
omg, comel gile mugs ni!! haha
look at naveen froggy's pursed lips...rofl~
tiana froggy is so so cute...waaa, i wnt one!
tetibe ptg ni
terase nk duduk atas bukit
di bwh pokok, yg ade bunge juntai2 cmni
di tepi laut dgn angin menderu2, meniup rmbut terbang2
ombak menghempas pantai, ade sikit air terpercik kt muke
smbil tgk matahari terbenam, dgn langit oren2
~i wish~

words of strength :)

- another lesson of life -
in this very full-of-conflict life

there'll be a moment where
whatever you do, it'll always felt so right

but there's also a moment where
whatever you do, it'll always ended up so wrong

but just remember sweetie
no matter how dark you feel inside

just take a deep breath
and close your eyes
and think about all the good deeds you've ever done
all those sweet memories you've ever had
then you'll come to realize
that you life isn't that bad at all

and then just come back to this reality
with greater courage, faith & hopes
feeling well alive

with chin held high up, 
eyes fully wide opened,
brain actively rejuvenated,
and a big stronger heart
all are determined to move on,
and make yourself better :)

fight for your own right
live well my dear

and as time goes by
people will forget whatever you said, 
people will forget whatever you did,

all that matters is what you do now
make everyone feels better
including yourself

life isn't that complicated after all

Sunday, June 06, 2010

cuci2 mate 1

LAGI SORG PAKWE KOREA ♥ i've just started watching PROSECUTOR PRINCESS...found in some drama blog, people kept on suggesting this drama is a must-watch here i am, continuing my passion in korean drama by downloading straight away thi so-called must watch series...okey2, we'll only in the first ep itself, so no further comment...EXCEPT: i totally understand why people kept on watching though the beginning isnt that fascinating i shall's the MAIN WEAPON girls!!!! THE REASON!!! i had my eyes straight on this guy once i saw him...OH MY GOD!!!! hensem gile2...deadly hot..drool tahap maximum okeh...terus saye google mamat neh, dan mencari2 gmbr beliau yg paling hot & cool~

lets drool together people!!!
perkenalkan pakwe baru saye
*mr goosebumps & saliva*
yoo gun :)

he's just a supporting actor...but really2 did a massive support...i'll never ever be able to stop watching...haha...nk kne tgk smpai abs...WAJIB!! saw in wiki, he'd been on 1% of anything...i've watched tht...wonder which one was him...maybe the older bro, hensem jugak mamat this guy is way way hotter...waaaaa~ pakwe bru korea~ angau season is bck!!! hihi...btw, people said he's a pure korean...muke cm mixed2 caye jela kn...well, HAIL TO THE KOREAN PLASTIC guys really make girls dream guy exist in the world...sgt2 hensem :)

ujan oh ujan :)

monsoon season is bck!!! 

if people ask me, what season is ur fav? i'd say its the monsoon season...never been to 4-seasoned apart from knwing how beautiful they were from the pictures, or tv or from people's stories, i really2 dnt knw...but when it comes to the rain, i just love it...whenever, wherever it is :) never failed to make me smile...and it gives such a romantic mood too...rite? ehehehe ♥ love the sounds of water drooping out of my windows...the tiny bits of sprinkles out there lying on my balcony...the warps of air with cool breeze... :) they jst make me smile all the cket nk study2 lagi nk tido...haha...and do u knw wut does tht means people? ALIA HAS TO GET A NEW UMBRELLA~ its jst about time already :) im gonna shop for one after my exm...this time i wnt it to be blue or black...haha...♥ lets get ready to be fully wet to class!!!

yes kiddo, the feeling is mutual aite :)
we always love rain

*still in exm mode*
sigh~ nobody ever said medic was so easy, nobody ever said medic was hard either...and i just hate the matter how much u've studied to keep ur mind fully prepared & strong, once u enter the hall, and see the paper, there'll be thousands of ways the questions would kill ur hope & courage...ur confidence will drop down to the most bottom level...and god knws how much it hurts to keep holding on till the end of time...and answer as much as u can, with wutever vague memory u had on that stupid tiny non-significant fact that u'd surely purposely missed tht out because it was just not that important to u...and god also knws how much it hurts when u kept on cursing urself for thinking tht it was not important...moral of the story, medic is tough because u have to READ+MEMORISE, even the smallest fact on the page because it will be asked in ur exm...EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT...
*end of story*

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

exam exam exam

exam week : 3/6/10 - 13/6/10

suke suki 4

 - Pick your birth month.
 - Bold and colour out anything that doesn't apply to you.
 - Copy to your own blog, with all twelve months
 - Add some extra traits if you find on in the internet :)
JANUARY: You’re ambitious and serious. You love to teach and be taught. You are hardworking and productive, and also smart, neatorganised and highly attentive. You’re sensitive and has deep thoughts. Down-to-earth. Lucky for you, you know how to make others happy. On the other hand, you’re rather reserved, and quiet unless you’re excited or tensed. You’re get jealous easily. You’re resistant to illness, but prone to colds. You’re always looking at people’s flaws and weaknesses, and you like to criticise. Yet, you’re a romantic and sensitive, but have difficulties expressing your feelingsSeldom shows emotions. You love children too. You’re a homely person, and is loyal to anyone you love. What should you improve? Your social abilities.
FEBRUARY: You love reality and abstracting thoughts. You’re intelligent, quiet, shy and humble. On the other hand, your personality changes at times; you’re temperamental, rebellious when restricted, and you suffer from low self-esteem. You love aggresiveness. Also, you’re too sensitive and hurt easily; you show your anger easily, and you dislike unnecessary things. But that doesn’t mean you’re not honest and loyal. You love freedom, and is determined to reach goals. You love making friends, but you rarely show it. You’re very daring, but stubborn too. On a brighter note, you’re ambitious – you realise your dreams and hopes. You’re sharp, you love entertainment and leisure. You’re a spendthrift. You’re a romantic on the inside but not the outside. Sadly you’re superstitious and ludirous. You should learn to show your emotions.
MARCH: Good news: you have an attractive personality! You’re affectionate, shy and reserved. You’re naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. You love peace and serenity; you’re sensitive to others, love to serve and is not easilt angered. People trust you, as you are appreciative and returns kindness. You are observant and assess others. There’re so many things you love: travelling, home decors, special things. You’re also musically talented. However, you’re revengeful. You love to dream and fantasize, and you especially love attention. You’re hasty in choosing your partners, and you’re moody.
APRIL: Active and dynamic: that’s what you are! You’re a attractive and affectionate. You’re strong mentally, you know how to console others and solve people’s problems. You’re also friendly, brave, fearless and adventurous. You’re loving and caring to others, suave and generous. You’re known for your good memory, and you’re always motivating yourself and others. However, you’re flawed. You’re emotional and revengeful; and’re aggresive and hasty. You love attention and easily gets jealous. Try and improve yourself!
MAY: Stubborn, hard-hearted, strong-willed and highly motivated – these are your better qualities. You have sharp thoughts and deep feelings. You attract others, as you are beautiful physically and mentally. You have a firm standpoint, you’re systematic and understanding. You’re also easily consoled and love to dream. You have a good imagination and debating skills; you love literature and arts, and especially travelling. That also means you dislike being at home. You’re restless, high-spirited, and also easily angered. You have strong clairvoyance, and also a spendthrift.
JUNEYou've got the best personality and are an absolute pleasure to be around. You’re polite and soft-spoken, but also funny and humorous as you love to joke. You can be talkative at times, a daydreamer and a sensitive person. You’re easily influenced by kindness; you tend to delay and is choosy and always wants the best. You are a great flirt and more than likely have a very attractive partner. You have good debating skills and you know how to make friends. You love to make new friends and be outgoing. Although you can be hesitating and temperamental at times. You are easily bored, and you are prone to getting colds. Yes, you love to dress up too! But you’re brand-conscious. You seldom show emotions, but you’re easily hurt, which takes time to recover. You have this mentality that, “Those who love me are enemies, those who hate me are friends”.
JULY: People thinks you’re fun to be with! You honest, friendly and approachable. Witty and sarcastic, you’re proud, unpredictable and have a reputation. You’re also secretive, and difficult to be understoof. You’re very emotional and you hurt easily and take a while to recover. You’re not revengeful, you forgive, but you don’t forget. You guide others and treat others equally, but you’re a lone wolf. You’re not aggresive unless provoked, and you judge people through observations. On the other hand, you’re hardworking and excel in your studies. You put a lot of effort in your work, and yes, you love to be loved.
AUGUST: People are attracted to you, because you’re love to make friends. You’re firm and have leadership qualities. You have an extraordinary spirit and you’re also very observant. You care a lot about others and knows how to console others. Your jokes make people laugh, and you’re thirsty for praises. You have independant thoughts and you think quickly. You’re talented in arts and music, and you love to dream. However, you’re too generous and can sometimes be egoistic. You’re proud, easily angered and jealous. You’re very careful and cautious about things. You’re sometimes hasty in things you do, so learn to relax!
SEPTEMBER: Your good qualities include calm and cool, kind and sympathetic, trustworthy, loyal and honest. You’re knowledgable and clever, and you have a good memory. You’re always compromising and motivating yourself and others. You love sports, leisre and travelling. A systematic organisation is important to you, as well as details. Regarding love and relationships, you hardly show emotions, and you tend to bottle up your feelings. You’re particularly choosy in partners. Also, you like to criticise and point out others’ mistakes. Control yourself when you feel the need to criticise!
OCTOBER: You have an inner beauty that attracts people, as well as physical beauty. You dislike lies and pretending, and your friends are very important to you. You love anyone who loves you back, and you’re very opinionated. You’re quite a chatterbox too! You love the outdoors and romance. Selfishness, bad temper and emotional are few of your flaws. You hurt easily, but you pick yourself up very fast. Sometimes, you lose confidence in yourself, and you can get easily influenced. However, people remember you as the one who is always making friends.
NOVEMBER: Unique and brilliant. Generous and patient. Determined. People love you for those qualities you possess. You’re always thinking forward, and stands by the motto, “When there’s a will, there’s a way”. You’re a homely person, and very tough-spirited. But yet, you’re difficult to fathom. You especially know how to dig secrets out, even though you can keep them. Stuborn and hard-hearted, you are a loner, and you don’t appreciate praises. You’re unpredictable and very inquisitive. You hardly get angry, unless you’re provoked. In relationships, you’re uncertain at times, Also, keep your emotions in check!
DECEMBER: (My Birth Month ♥)
You’re a person who’s fun to be with. You love to socialise and joke, as you have a good sense of humour. You’re very patriotic. Take high pride in oneself. Also, you’re loyal and generous, ambitious and competitive in everything. You always think logically and always come up with lots of ideas. You have an active mind and also open minded. Good debating skills. Thinks far with vision, yet complicated to know. Easy to talk to, though hard to understand. You're active in games and interactions, talkative and also will be very influential in organizations. Good in making money, always stable financially. You also love praises and attention. You just love to be loved by others. Good in relationships, appreciate people around you. You’re not egoistic, despite loving popularity, and that’s good. Easily influenced by kindness. Sensitive. Easily hurt. Takes time to recover when hurt. Polite and soft-spoken. You’re very active in games and interactions with others. However, you can get impatient and hasty. Fussy. Easily bored. You’re short-tempered and your personality changes at times(temperamental). You also hate restrictions. You want to a free bird, but try to keep yourself grounded! People still love you because you’re honest and pretending just isn’t your thing. Not selfish, always put others instead yourself. Ready to sacrifice for love. Romantic person. You're definitely one sexy babe/guy. Pretty/handsome. Choosy and always wants the best. Has that someone always on his/her mind. One guy/girl kind of person. Daydreamer.
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