Monday, June 28, 2010

words of strength :)

- another lesson of life -
in this very full-of-conflict life

there'll be a moment where
whatever you do, it'll always felt so right

but there's also a moment where
whatever you do, it'll always ended up so wrong

but just remember sweetie
no matter how dark you feel inside

just take a deep breath
and close your eyes
and think about all the good deeds you've ever done
all those sweet memories you've ever had
then you'll come to realize
that you life isn't that bad at all

and then just come back to this reality
with greater courage, faith & hopes
feeling well alive

with chin held high up, 
eyes fully wide opened,
brain actively rejuvenated,
and a big stronger heart
all are determined to move on,
and make yourself better :)

fight for your own right
live well my dear

and as time goes by
people will forget whatever you said, 
people will forget whatever you did,

all that matters is what you do now
make everyone feels better
including yourself

life isn't that complicated after all


soffea said...

alia.. suke yg ini.
untuk siapa la? boleh tak kalo i perasan yg all those words are for me? hehe =)

suke. suke.

missALIA said...

haha...u xyah perasan pun mmg somehow i made this poem just for u :)
since u've texted me tht day ckp sume bende u buat salah je...hehe, trus terase nk tulis ni utk u (^_*) glad u like it...
be strong okay...hehe *hugs*

soffea said...

hehe. alia.. thanks. i mmg ade ade rase la yg nie utk i. hey. boleh tak, nak.. nak amek. nak copy n paste kat blog i. terhatu nie ;)

thanks alia..
sayang u banyak2. muahmuah

soffea said...


typing error =)

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