Wednesday, November 18, 2009

lets get real

dreams vs reality

even if reality hurts,
it's always the only better choice than dream...
dream makes u become too attached
to the so-called-perfect happiness
tht u sometimes forget
to take the important steps in ur life...
leaving u stagnant as time passes by...
waiting foolishly for the miracle to happen...
until it's too late...

i knw people say
it's never too late to change,
but life would be so much harder
if u r moving on with such a burden of regrets...
reality gives u the truth,
dreams are just a bunch of lies...
reality is the one who would appreciate u,
accept u for who u are,
making u take ur steps,
even it is painful...
reality is wut u need...

gudbye all the dreams...
it wasnt ur fault tht u aren't real...
u could be real...
but i couldnt take the chance...
i have to take my steps...
no matter wut...

dear dreams,
if u love me,
let me take my steps...
if u really love me,
more than anything,
then come with me...
take steps with me...
maybe u'd be reality...
and a miracle tht i've been waiting
for all ths while

quote of the day:

Thursday, November 05, 2009

the vampie story

...i knw its kinda lame to repeat it all again but...
edward cullen is definitely
a one damn hot vampire!!!
i mean not sexily hot
but look at the eyes...his warm gaze
the way he looked at bella as if no one else existed
look at the lips...his mysterious smile
and only changed into laughter when he's with her

he's like a guardian angel (in a vampire way)
protecting her all the time, at any way
he'd loose his mind if anything happens to her
"You're My Life Now...You're The Only Thing It Would Hurt Me To Lose"

he tried his best to make her feel comfortable with him
more than tht, he always try to make her happy
~~~how sweet~~~

i'm still hvng post-romantic movie syndrome
everytime i watch this movie
i'd float and smile
wishing i'd have my own edward cullen
aaaahhhhh (i wish!! i want one!!)

so to all the guys out there
if u fall in love, fall hard
there's no shame of being so in love with sum1
cause every little thing u've done
will always catch up her attention
let alone make her happy and feel appreciated
as if she had the whole world already
and she's the luckiest of all
"I Promise To Love You Forever...Every Single Day of Forever"

p/s: i knw some would feel rather annoyed or even threatened by this post...those who think its kinda gay to worship him...the red-lips-square-faced guy...but haha like i care~ edward is still one of my fav dream lover...haha...any vampire out there? giv me a call... (^_*)

quote of the day:

"And so the Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb"
~twilight fever~
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