Monday, June 08, 2009

Personality 1

tonight, during a short break while studying neuroanatomy, i did some so-called love tests on :) and so out of all, i'd like to share this one result which i thought kinda interesting...quite true...

what movie character resembles you?

“Rose DeWitt Bukater” As portrayed by Kate Winslet in Titanic

Rose DeWitt BukaterRose DeWitt Bukater seems to have it all – first class travel, engagement to a wealthy man, servants, clothes, status. But this young woman is in a bad place mentally. She is betrothed to a man she doesn’t love. She feels controlled by him and by her mother. She is a victim of her time, and struggles to get out of the constraints of her corsets and the demure demeanor expected of her.

Rose finds only a few people on the Titanic who don’t look down upon her enthusiasm for books and logic, art and adventure. Most consider her a silly, spoiled girl who doesn’t know her place. But, chances are, people are more frightened of Rose’s bravery and bluntness than they care to admit, so they all try to keep her reigned in.

However, once Rose meets poor artist Jack Dawson, it takes only a small effort to crack her habits of good breeding. Jack – simply by being Jack – shows Rose how to live and love with abandon. Rose had always known there was more to be had than proper tea parties with vapid conversation. She had the nerve to speak her mind, most of the time, but she hadn’t had the nerve to completely be herself. Until Jack.

Rose and Jack seriously skip through the Five Stages of Dating – the accelerated relationship between them essentially constitutes a fairy tale. While this behavior isn’t recommended, there are some very real messages to be taken from this movie. Many women spend years looking for their “Jack,” that one man who will encourage, support, and enable them to find out what they’re really made of. But Jack doesn’t make Rose who she is – rather, he is the one person who loves her for exactly who she already is, which means freedom to her. It’s often a surprise when you find yourself attracted to someone “different” and wholly unexpected. But the person you think you’re meant to be with and the person who ultimately gels with you might not fit the picture you drew for yourself. And that’s OK.

Although things end tragically for the couple Rose moves on and swallows life whole. She doesn’t allow a man or responsibilities or propriety stand in her way. She doesn’t linger over a relationship and what-ifs. She, you could say, is strong enough and determined enough to fill her Love Tanks many times over, no matter who or what stands in her way.

quote of the day:

sometimes what you want is not what you need

but these words mean nothing if you don't even know the difference

sweet ♥ sugus


Sunday, June 07, 2009

love mode

B e a u t y & T h e B e a s t

i'm watching beauty & the beast right now...still ongoing but i paused a while to let myself express out my thoughts right now...this is the disney 1991 beauty & the beast...i've always had a thing with all this fairytales since i was a kid...and continued being a novel freak during my teenage time...and now still loving all these romance stories...lovey lovey thing makes me happy and floats right away~ haha...okey, bck to the story...somehow today i felt like watching some classic movies which i've watched long2 time ago...but you knw, being a kid, not every words or the whole plot would be understood...i only remember certain things and of course only look at the princess and imagining it was me and he prince would be someone cute...but now its time for a deeper understanding about the story...(cewah, saje je...bosan actually...xde keje...mlm sbtu mls pulak nk study lebih ;p)

and as i watch right now, i realize sumthing rather disturbing...
there's 2 guys in the story fighting for is the beast, and another one is guston...both are equally mean...and really insensitive...but among the two of them, i prefer the beast...tersentuh hati okay dgn beast...he's a loner...a very powerful fierce monstrous creature but at least he has some inner side that makes him sweet....guston on the other had is such an annoying guy...he talks too much, and overproud of himself, selfconcious, and that made him looks so stupid...
and shockingly...i love the beast...
i'd rather choose him...a beast that can be cute..
omg, i'm actually belle~!!!
:p :p :p
...told you i have a thing with such tales...
~suke berangan~

okey, tht's all i think...
wanna go bck watching the movie
wonder when will my very own beast will come
can't wait for the challenge
"there might be something there that wasn't there before"
-beauty and the beast-
sweet ♥ sugus

quote of the day:
"For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.
For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it.
For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it."

Saturday, June 06, 2009


~its raining...uuu baby its raining~

the monsoon season had already come to rains all day...even now...i bet everyone is getting lazy and lazier...its cold outside, even inside the only we realize that manipal is really situated uphill and rather on the higher land compared to udupi or others...its true, the buses and autos which passes through manipal had to drive up the wonder there's at once where we all suddenly found strawberries sold everywhere even in the small shops outside the hostel...and somehow the dry+hot season was like hell...extra hot for the hills...sweat2~ but now, chill2~ the process of getting out of bed everyday had become a challenge...the cool air breeze, the soothing rain sounds, the warm fluffy blanket, my sweet2 pillows...ZzZzZzZz~~~ for a note, now i wake up 30mins later than snoozing up the phone more...hehehe...

talking more about raining season...umbrella is a must-have, raincoat is optional if u want to save more of your shirts and pants from becoming in india the umbrellas are harder and stronger compared to malaysian umbrellas...look at the rain of course...hujan kt msia manje2 gitu, hujan kt manipal mengganas habis...huhu...although the umbrella is said to be stronger, but it can only protect your head from becoming wet...hahaha...this is so so true...the rain could be such a disaster that it'll soak you up from top to bottom with the max amount of water as much as possible that could be squeezed out from the clouds...

and what's interesting here is that the umbrellas had become a trend...whose one is the best design of all gets the most compliment...
in malaysia, among the girls
"wah, cantiknye kasut ni...matching dgn baju...beli kt mana?midvalley?"
in manipal, among the girls
"wah, cantiknye payung ni...matching dgn baju...beli kt mana?udupi?"
and the proud smile is just the same :) equally...

i have a pink flowerish one, but i'm thinking of buying a bigger umbrella...i found the perfect one already during the shopping time in udupi last 2 weeks...but that time i had bought the pink one before i fell in love once again with this black with white lovey lovey spots...thought it'll be a waste so i just bought myself a black raincoat at the shop...but haha, talking bout temptations...i cnt get it out of my mind...i kept on imagining myself holding that classy black umbrella...menyesal giler...and so i now had decided to go back to the shop again and get MY BLACK UMBRELLA...ITS MINE!!! hahaha...

okey, enough story for now...its still raining outside...time to sleep...zZzZzZz...nite2...
to all my friends here, take care...
block 4 is getting cramp & crampier...
give no reason for the rains to make us skip the classes...
good luck everyone :D

trust me, u'll get this wet...
everytime you encounter the rain...
everyday to class...
every clothes and shoes...
but hey monsoon season!
u are still welcome here :D
layan perasaan okey
sayu+syahdu lebih

quote of the day:
Let a SMILE be your umbrella,
or you'll end up with a face full of rain
smile always :)

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