Monday, December 14, 2009

occasion : my birthday 2009

happy 21st birthday to me

a year passes by in a flash
im getting old day by day
wonder wut its like in 10 years time
will i be happier
will i be prettier
will i be better

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

im back (^_^)

hisashiburi, ne? (long time no see, right?)
warming up
im gonna start babbling about wutever i feel like expressing out...
for the moment, lets start this blogging thing with somethings bout myself...

the name is alia
i prefer to tell evry1 tht im frm penang
though we never did live there
but its still my sweet2 hometown
and i ws born there
on 14th dec 1988
at 4.25pm (heh, i got tht right)
current place: manipal, india be myself is the hardest..
i consider my life to be out of ordinary
whenever i try to make things right or even make sense
there'll be some freakin fates coming over
to make it upside-down again
...all i can say...
life is full of drama (no escapees)

...i don't understand my own thoughts...
they were sometimes suicidal,sometimes motivating
i get confused easily, i get focused easily
partially angelic, and partially corrupted
i've done some deeds, but i'll end up doing some sins
it wasn't really a psychotic split personality
its just the way of being the better me
where positives + negatives
are trying to compromise each other
...all i can say...
nobody's perfect
wuts make them different is
wut they've done to make themselves better than before

i appreciate & regret life occasionally
had been the best i could ever be,
had been the worst i could ever be
i'm proud and ashamed of myself at the same time
but i jst knw, there's a reason why God let me be in this life
coz nobody else would have had the guts to endure it
only me...and so i gotta take it no matter wut
...but all i can say...
stop whining no matter wut
challanges are wut make life interesting
overcoming them is wut makes life meaningful

all in all
...IM JUST ME...

quote of the day:

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