Sunday, June 06, 2010

cuci2 mate 1

LAGI SORG PAKWE KOREA ♥ i've just started watching PROSECUTOR PRINCESS...found in some drama blog, people kept on suggesting this drama is a must-watch here i am, continuing my passion in korean drama by downloading straight away thi so-called must watch series...okey2, we'll only in the first ep itself, so no further comment...EXCEPT: i totally understand why people kept on watching though the beginning isnt that fascinating i shall's the MAIN WEAPON girls!!!! THE REASON!!! i had my eyes straight on this guy once i saw him...OH MY GOD!!!! hensem gile2...deadly hot..drool tahap maximum okeh...terus saye google mamat neh, dan mencari2 gmbr beliau yg paling hot & cool~

lets drool together people!!!
perkenalkan pakwe baru saye
*mr goosebumps & saliva*
yoo gun :)

he's just a supporting actor...but really2 did a massive support...i'll never ever be able to stop watching...haha...nk kne tgk smpai abs...WAJIB!! saw in wiki, he'd been on 1% of anything...i've watched tht...wonder which one was him...maybe the older bro, hensem jugak mamat this guy is way way hotter...waaaaa~ pakwe bru korea~ angau season is bck!!! hihi...btw, people said he's a pure korean...muke cm mixed2 caye jela kn...well, HAIL TO THE KOREAN PLASTIC guys really make girls dream guy exist in the world...sgt2 hensem :)

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soffea said...

pergh.. memang hensem la. giler tough. suke. suke. hehe =)

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