Sunday, June 06, 2010

ujan oh ujan :)

monsoon season is bck!!! 

if people ask me, what season is ur fav? i'd say its the monsoon season...never been to 4-seasoned apart from knwing how beautiful they were from the pictures, or tv or from people's stories, i really2 dnt knw...but when it comes to the rain, i just love it...whenever, wherever it is :) never failed to make me smile...and it gives such a romantic mood too...rite? ehehehe ♥ love the sounds of water drooping out of my windows...the tiny bits of sprinkles out there lying on my balcony...the warps of air with cool breeze... :) they jst make me smile all the cket nk study2 lagi nk tido...haha...and do u knw wut does tht means people? ALIA HAS TO GET A NEW UMBRELLA~ its jst about time already :) im gonna shop for one after my exm...this time i wnt it to be blue or black...haha...♥ lets get ready to be fully wet to class!!!

yes kiddo, the feeling is mutual aite :)
we always love rain

*still in exm mode*
sigh~ nobody ever said medic was so easy, nobody ever said medic was hard either...and i just hate the matter how much u've studied to keep ur mind fully prepared & strong, once u enter the hall, and see the paper, there'll be thousands of ways the questions would kill ur hope & courage...ur confidence will drop down to the most bottom level...and god knws how much it hurts to keep holding on till the end of time...and answer as much as u can, with wutever vague memory u had on that stupid tiny non-significant fact that u'd surely purposely missed tht out because it was just not that important to u...and god also knws how much it hurts when u kept on cursing urself for thinking tht it was not important...moral of the story, medic is tough because u have to READ+MEMORISE, even the smallest fact on the page because it will be asked in ur exm...EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT...
*end of story*


DoshDrake said...

saye pown suke ujan~ ^^

DoshDrake said...

saye pown suke ujan cik alia~

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