Sunday, July 11, 2010

flow of thoughts 20

i've just discovered how advance YM nowadays...haha...bunyi cm jakun gile kn...sory la weh, i dont webbie much since last year...the fmly had stopped using skype, and opt to call via phone there you go, punye la lame xwebbie n all smpai i dont even knw that my lappie was mute...thx to this hamba allah yg sgt mulia utk membantu saye mencari punca masalah YM nih...hehehe...after so much trouble adjusting here and there...finally dptlah l gunakn perkhidmatan canggih ini...haha...if not, i'd seriously wont realize that the voice & video call cant be used...haha...tu la, mcm makcik2 kn...asl dpt npk tulisan2 chat ni sudah...kalau nk analogi, my ym dulu mcm tepon 33sekupang la a.k.a that old nokia 3310...haha...
"xpa lah cek oiii, asai makcik bulih tekan2 ni ok la tu...malaih nk pikiaq lebih2...renyahh sungguoh~ dah ada hat senang, guna ja la...buat pa dok p tamboh2 minatang lein..." (^_*)
*hny rekaan semata2, makcik ni xwujud ye...hahaha*
*i dont knw why but tetibe dok imagine konon2 makcik ni nenek drag me to hell...cisss*

so here now, setelah berjaye...and setelah mencube beberapa kali...makin excited cik alia utk webbie2 dgn org ramai...haha..xde la ramai mane... (^_*) sorg je...haha...the fmly still wants to contact using phones...u knw parents~ asl senang utk mereka...ape2 jelah amma appa...aslkan contact jugak :)

alia is in the lovey2 mood

with the lovey2 boyfie :)
whom she lovey2 love, so much
my 24/7 guardian angel
♥ ♥ ♥

i love this pic :) npk mcm natural je kn, tp tau x betape susahnye nk posing sebegitu...nk capture gmbr yg elok...bpe byk kali try...hahahaha...and it was just so nice when the last thing i typed was i love u there ♥ b, tetibe i rase cm sungguh babyface dlm gmbr ni...kan 10 tahun lebih mude :D terase dok webbie dgn budak skolah agame x? hahahaha!! apepun we both looked so happy :)
okey ni gmbr bru je kejap td :D
the pakcik + makcik mode
tp kalau nk terase mude cket
the specky nerdy couple mode
(i saw a special folder with my name on it...hehe)
*beliau sungguh kacak memakai kaca mata*
i cnt help but to keep on staring at u...haha...seram gile...
i cnt help but to keep on falling for bru sweet ;)
my tall, dark & handsome prince
i ♥ u

I was alone not long ago
Without a love to call my own.
I was afraid and thought
It wasn't meant for me.
I didn't need anybody else
That was what I would tell myself.
And I believed that that was how it would be.

I used to think that I was fine.
Oh, that I was doing ok.
I didn't know that I was blind.
I just went on along my way.
I didn't know what I was missing
'Til I felt you tender lips
Kissing my fears away.
I'm so glad you're here today.

I never had somebody I could lean on.
I never had a shoulder I could cry on
'Til I found you babe -
'Til I found you.
And I never had somebody I would think about.
I Never had someone I coudln't do without
'Til I found you babe -
'Til I found you.

I had been badly hurt before.
Eversince then, I would ignore
Any chance for love -
I thought it was a lie.
I learned to realy on myself
And I thought that I was doin' well
Until you came with something
I just can't deny.

I used to think that I was fine oh,
I was doing alright.
I would go on and do my thing
Everyday and every night.
I didn't know what I was missin'
'Til i felt your tender love
Fillin' me up inside.
I love you with all my might.

(And i never knew how good a love could feel
'Til I found you babe, wooh.
And I never thought a love could be so real
'Til I found you.)

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