Saturday, July 24, 2010

exam mode : 2nd YEAR UNI EXM :(

Everyone will feel so stressed out when it comes to exams...this usually means that you'll feel extremely tired (physically + emotionally exhausted), 24/7 under pressure, mentally confused, always worried that you won't do well or even flunk the papers till you had to repeat another freakin 6 months for the next retake, the guilt and shame that come together with that awful failure...what a mess...some says those feelings (the worries + the fears) are normal and often encourage us to do that extra bit of revision, listen a little more to the information in a lesson and work in a better mode...tht's good, i'll at least drive your guts, move your lazy ass and make you work harder than your usual i right? huhuhu...

However, too much pressure and anxiety can make you feel really'll get worse when you find yourself confined in your compact room with lots of books + notes all around...out of the human world i shall say, the only companions you have might be the roaches & minnies & spideys...huuu~ (or worse, the toyols & pontis a.k.a segala creature ghaib2 penunggu bilik..hehehehhehehe...part ni sgt suke...heee~) okay, i might have been exaggerating bout that...but really, you'll be less in touch with people...all of your time would be mainly bout you and your sweet2 la berjam2 setiap hari...wajib berkepit okay, nk berpisah sekejap pun terase bersalah...huhu...ade jugak perasaan kalau2 buku tu nangih & sumpah kite fail dengan teruknye...kejam bukan bile main ugut2...huhuh...blame the stress people...your brain might think and look at the world in 360 degrees in all possible stupid ways...huhuhu...silly evil thoughts...

In some cases, you may be unable to concentrate on your work and may find that you are overly worrying about how you will do in your exam (this is so true...huuu~)...some people often deal with exam stress in many unhelpful ways, such as ignoring the problem, not revising because they think that they will do badly anyway and missing exams due to the anxiety that they are feeling (i could hardly understand this, but people do it anyway...simply skip the exam...huuu~ sorry la, this gal really cares bout her future, giving up without even trying is so not her...that's just stupid~ you will be limiting your chances of doing really well!! who knows you might ace the paper, if you study of course...huhu)

Exam anxiety can also make you worry during the exam, for example you may feel that other people are managing the exam better than you (this is so true right) or that they will be finding it really easy whereas you are struggling (so true sgain...huhu). This can cause you to feel that your mind has ‘gone blank’ on information that you know that you have revised or that you know well...or for some people like me, you'll have this nervous feelings all the time that makes you become so reckless & restless...and become a slight insomniac that you find yourself hard to sleep at night...and if you managed to sleep, you'll end up having this heavily-puzzled-so-tiring dreams every time you enter the lalaladreamland...moral of the story, never compare yourself to others...just be the better you each & every time you study...and do your very best in your exam...pray hard...and you'll be fine...(im having these probs, but still im gonna keep on telling myself to be calm + cool...and dnt give up...huhuhu)

lebih krg cmni la jadinye bile dok tension2 exam ni...lunyai dh jiwa, huhuhu...its true...only god knws how tired i am everyday...people might see me smiling happily on the outside, huuhaa all the time...but really, im so exhausted...10 hours per day, utk baca + hafal buku2 gemok gedabak tu, sungguh memenatkan...tu xtambah dgn tekanan emosi tension2 ni kan...haiiiihhh, nobody said it'll be easy...they jst tell me to endure it all, demi masa depan yg terang benderang...but really, i dnt knw...betul ke masa depan sungguh cerah begitu...huhu...i dnt knw...all i knw is tht i have to live for the present, just do my best, and insyaallah the best outcome i'll get too...God is always fair, right? and im so grateful to have such wonderful people around me...the fmly, the besties, the boyfie, the buddies, and every1 else are very2 supportive & proud of me...they'll be happy with what i have and whatever i be...thank you everybody...♥ i'll be happy when you are happy too...pray for the best u matter what...

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