Friday, July 02, 2010

a flow of thoughts 8

- the twisted world -
as i kept on browsing...found this cute bunch of disney princesses in a i viewed it in a larger mode, saw those so-called "behind the disney lies"...hehe...have u guys ever encountered one? there're so many ways out there for people to condemn all the characters...i once saw a clip showing several hidden msgs on disney movies...most of them were regarding porno signs...haihhhh~ 

i wonder what were those people were doing anyway, looking so small bits of silly signs which they claimed resembling 18sx things and hence accusing disney to poison the kids' mind...pfffft~ weih2, dont you have anything better to do? instead of magnifying the whole screen for some stupid "your-own-imaginary-pervertic" signs...its true...a simple shadow or a slight wind blows on the pants were just too much for them...haihhhh again~ 

i guess this is what happened when you let the sex-addicted people looking at pictures or films...everything would be directly associated to just sex in their eyes, and of course more in their stupid brains...but why do some people believe it anyway? is it even logic that the disney people are that disgustingly BAD? is it impossible to believe that they are just some DECENT PEOPLE who come with the intention to vary the entertainment in this world, just like the others? and not for spoiling the kids? 

or even so, just let it be...messages wont be understood unless they were told or spread...great, now people would see the whole movies as a bunch of crappy things...and avoid their children to watch them...great people, LETS NOT WATCH ANYTHING...LET'S JUST BAN THE WHOLE THING AITE? NO TVs FOR OUR CHILDREN UNTIL THEY'RE 18 & avoid such things...therefore, all the kids' mind would be black & white forever~ purely guaranteed~ huuu~

but enough said, we all have our own opinions right?
*peace* for this picture, i think they're just the anti-fairy tales...
some people are too jealous of the wonderful creations of disney fairy tales & the fun within the's what makes the world of innocent children more colourful than reality...a little bit of entertainment ain't give no harm flexible please, open up your minds...and let the thought grows positively...even i grew up just fine with these movies :) ♥
im looking at this pic, saw the girls and not the words :D
*and i dont even care...still loving them all...still watching the movies, happily~*

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