Tuesday, July 06, 2010

on some days :)

studying isn't that bad heh people?
here's what alia did when
she went to the library
on a very2 hectic day
studying in a cafe
while having a cup of latte
and a piece of choc cake
sitting on a corner
next to the windows
watching the rain outside
such an indulgence ♥
*tp xleh slalu yerr...diet2 :p
gmbar2 mcm ni yg buat sume pakat terpesona sakan dgn manipal kn...hahaha...padahal xde pape2 pun...ilusi optik ye kawan2...there's really nothing here...but xpe, akan ku snap byk2 gmbar sebegini nk timbulkan perasaan jeles kt korg...heee~

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