Saturday, May 29, 2010

one of the bad days 3

friends or lover
when you choose lover over your friends
its not good for your friendships
they might say you're giving up on them
they might think you've been carried away
they might feel left out
does that mean they're not supporting?
they're always there
being the friend that you need, they're friends in deed
they're your true friends

but when you choose friends over your lover
it's not good for your love either
it's not like he/she doesn't like them
it's not like he/she asked you to throw them away
it's just he/she needed time for both of you too
does it sound like he's/she's demanding?
does it felt like he's/she's clinging?
he's/she's even here, always
holding back all the bitter feelings
waiting for you with his/her sweetest smile
wishing in silent if only you could set a time

open up your eyes sweetie
and look at the people around you
nobody's asking you to choose either
neither the friends or the lover
no one is worth losing anybody
we just want you to appreciate both
that's all
it's not too hard, right?

-end of story-

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