Saturday, May 15, 2010

flow of thoughts 11

~once in while~

i've been thinking lately
about something
i mean, its been a dream for all this while
but i never thought i'd be this excited
umm, myb excited isnt the correct word yet
im just curious...or rather start hoping
tht it'd be real
of coz it would one day
but i hope it'd be...sooner...
silly me
but really, i wnt tht
and this freakin thoughts had been bothering me lately
na oetteokhae? (wht should i do?) T_T

i really want it
but i dnt knw how
dnt knw wut i should do
dnt knw when and where should i strt
i wnt it...badly :(
certain things aren't meant to be easy
some people got through in a flash
some people are still behind the walls
it wont be easy for me i bet
*sigh again*
i wnt it

heeee~ xpaham kn amende aku merepek2 ni? 
xpe...mmg sengaja pun ckp belit2 cmni...
mungkinkah psl bende2 material? atau spiritual? atau emosional?
hehe...i'll never tell anybody but myself (>_<)
biarlah rahsia~
certain things are better left unsaid ;)

my fav flower: calla lily
another symbol of elegance & beauty
Graceful and filled with dignity, this type has a goddess-like sense of poise and presence that is quite commanding and imposing
*im not really a rose type...but calla really drives me crazy...hehe*
love it

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