Thursday, May 27, 2010

i love youtube!

okayyy...before i start the intro about this guy, i'd tell everyone that one of my fav sites  to visit in the whole internet world is the YOUTUBE 
i'd listen to the songs there whenever im bored, watch any videos or keep up any news or wutsoever there...haha...animes or drama name it...i bet everyone knows wuts there right...and of course there'd be so many funny stupid videos posted on the site, hahaha...but there're also some very2 decent heartmelting ones ♥ 
and so here i'd like to tell everyone that im so into this gabe guy musics...ohohoho...blushhhing2...his voice is really like a sweet lullaby that would mesmerize all the babes out there with the first pitch itself...haha...okay im a bit exaggerating...but really, the 1st time i saw his video i was like "oh my god, how'd he come up with that voice? is tht his real voice?" and few seconds later "oh my god, he's really2 good...who is this guy again?" and after a minute "omg omg omg T_T " and i keep on melting~ and i even had goosebumps...hahaha
jst check these out...some of my fav songs tht he sang :)
lets melt together sweethearts!!!!
yaaaaaaaaahhhh (>_<)

heartbreak feels the same, no matter who you are

btw, i dont know why, there's sumthing bout this guy that reminds me of chuck bass (gossip girls) doesnt he look like one? hahaha ;p i wonder why the philipines are so good in singing...they're like so blessed with angelic voices...i want a guy like this...can i? can i? who could sing to me till i fell asleep :) *melts* 
overall, ths guy is a natural-born talent
i salute u bro! xoxo~
(oh please some label company, jst sign him up already!!)

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