Monday, May 03, 2010

flow of thoughts 9


td ade PBL tajuk antianginal i've said the pharmac department had been such a pain lately...we cant even look at our notes while presenting...NOT A PIECE OF PAPER ON THE TABLE...the whole thing had to be memorised...and just add up all the so-much-complicated-revised objectives (all 27 of them), u can imagine how horrible it turned out to be...
i mean, come on la...people xdenye nk ingat sume...ikut nasib je...kalau topic awl2 tu mmg la slalunye berjaye dihafal and well prepared but tajuk blkg2 mmg volatile abis, sgt2 hampeh la...bace la byk mane pun, surely will be uncontiously evaporated before time...damn la..arini dpt tajuk yg blkg2 pulak tu...the ones that people pray hard so that they'll never get the topics...and the ones if we get, we'll start off with a bloody curse along the way from the beginning till the end...
hisyhhhh!!! nyampahlah...terase rugi je dok hafal cm nk rak skali present hampeh je kan...just now i went to the board silently (smbil maki2 dlm ati), rolling my eyes...and i wrote all the things that i could remember...and i kept on being silent...the only sentence tht came up was once i've finished and it was "anything else u wanna add up? if not, tht's it...thank you" hah, dh tgh sakit hati weyyyy...xde mood cincai jela...5 markah je pun...lantak...huhu...

-now nk tido-
bg cool cket..huhu

"It isn't the rebels who cause the troubles of the world,
it's the troubles that cause the rebels."

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