Wednesday, May 12, 2010

women and their secrets :)

there are still certain things that u don't knw about her

  • Women get jealous as hell - They might deny it but the fact is they get extremely jealous even if their man talks to a random female or maybe a friend. She might pretend to act all nice but inside her jealousy volcano is about to erupt.
  • I am the sexiest of them all - Every woman has this mind frame no matter how much they try to deny it. Almost every woman wants to feel like the one and only beauty queen in the world as if nothing compares and demand royal treatment from all men.
  • They always lie about shopping - They might be out grocery shopping but always end up getting something for themselves which they thought was cute. They either try to hide it or lie about its price saying it was on sale.
  • Don't share secrets with them - If you have than you are already on prime time radio. Almost every woman shares each and every secret with her friends. They tend to share their secrets over a cup of coffee and have a good laugh over it. They tell their girlfriends more than they'll admit to you.
  • What shoes are you wearing - If you thought it was a myth than think again. Women do judge a man by his shoes. So better make it a point to wear nice clean shoes the next time you walk out.
  • They know when you are cheating - Women have inbuilt instincts and emotion system which beeps and alerts when their man is cheating. No matter how big of a player you are you would always be caught no matter what.
  • Women know all your fears - Women are extremely good at reading a guy's body language and they would know when you fear something around them. They would instantly know if you are nervous or even a bit tentative. Women can smell your attitude from miles away and they react according to your behavior. 
  • Women will test you all the time - A lot of guys don't even know this but women have a tendency to test men all the time. She might say something to you which might seem very normal but it actually might be a test and you don't even know that you are really being tested. You see some women do it intentionally while others do it subconsciously but almost every girl out there has a habit of testing men. 
  • She'll know if you're emotionally weak/strong - You see this is how fast women are when it comes to the matter of reading body language and knowing what the guy is all about. She will know within the very first 5 minutes whether you are confident or low on self esteem. The moment she realizes that you are some what low on self confidence she would try to get rid of you as fast as possible. Women have are naturally attracted towards emotionally stronger males who are high on self confidence.
  • Women may be modern and independent, but they still want you to be "the man" - They do want you to be the sensitive, caring 21st-century males, but even the most ass-kicking, take-no-prisoners woman still wants to feel taken care of by her man somehow. Whether that means you take charge, know how to fix the car and kill spiders, or even just carry the big suitcase; when you act all manly, it makes us feel more feminine, more safe.
  • We want you to be jealous, but just a little bitWe want you to notice—and care!—when the waiter flirts with us, or when other guys check us out on the street. It makes us feel that we matter to you
  • Most women are love addicts - While we appreciate the depth and richness of long-time love, there is simply nothing like the giddy, fluttery, crazy feeling we get (or rather, used to get) with a brand-new guy. We know we'll never feel that high again, and there's a little part of us that will always miss it. (Why do you think we watch so many romantic comedies?) But in the end, what we get instead—you, and a lifetime of true devotion—is more than worth the price. 
  • Women enjoy playing hard to get - The first reason is because women are insecure and don't want to risk rejection. By playing hard to get the woman can test out the waters with a man, and not really show too much interest. She can find out where he stands without getting too close herself. The second reason is because it drives men wild, and women know this. Women realize that desperation is completely unattractive and so by leaving men wanting more, a woman can keep control of the relationship and ensure that the man still desires her. 
  • Women are fairly insecure about their appearances - This is the reason a women will ask her man occasionally. Women want men to fall all over them, and they need to be told over and over again how attractive they are. Women spend hours of time, and tons of money trying to put every hair in place and cover all the blemishes on their face, so because of all this effort women need to hear that the fuss was worth it. 
  • Women will take every mistake you ever make and will file it away inside - You may not have any idea that she is upset or that you did anything wrong, or maybe you think that she didn't notice you stare at the waitresses large rack as she took your order, but believe me she did, and now that has been filed away to be pulled out at a later date. Women internalize things and hold on to things, then when it becomes too much, this is when they explode and bring up instances that happened months to years ago. When you can tell that your woman is upset about something, do not let her get away with the "I'm Okay" routine, as she is not really ok and she is just putting one more bullet in her tirade gun. Encourage her to talk and be open to hear what she has to say.

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