Monday, May 24, 2010

not a happy day :(

i'm not happy
should i pretend everything's okay
should i fake some smiles along the way
should i kept on doing my work without sway
should i imagine the sun is shining all day
should i listen to every painful words you say
should i bother to keep you happy everyday
should i? should i? should i?
oh please la manusia, i have my own conflicts too
and since you don't give a damn on my feelings
don't expect me to do the same to you
its mainly about give & take
not a plain sacrifice to make
after all, nothing to lose
maybe i should just


soffea said...

ignore sape tu? i ke?? agagaga~

missALIA said...

huuu~ not u sweetie...jauh sekali...ade la hamba allah nk pk...

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