Sunday, May 30, 2010

flow of thoughts 19

=jst another bad days=
i still cry like a baby towards my mom
there's no other human being in this world
who would calm me down the way she could
"allah is always with you syg"
"dont give up ok"
i love you mom
i miss you so much
and i need you
before, now, always & forever
im sick & i wanna go home badly
ma, aya demam...nk balik umah la...wuwuwu~
sedih kn...huhu

and to a special thank to someone:
thanks for not leaving me alone by myself
thanks for listening to my crappy bablings
thanks for those encouraging words you said
thanks for the phone call u made
thanks for the sweet song u sang
thanks for the concern you showed
you're a friend that i need
thanks for being there for me
you're a nice guy :)
i feel so much better
emotionally better
but im still sick la...huuuu~
nitey nite
*told you i'd make a special thank you note*

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soffea said...

alia... u demam ke?? huhu. sian u. nape tak bgtau i pon.. adeh. i feel guilty sbb tak tnye khabar u. n i feel so bad sbb tak take care pon kt u. as ur bestie, i should do that. maaf alia~ huhu..

anyway, harap u ok kat sane. doa k. mintak tenang hati. takmo sedih2. i tahu us gt homesick. huhu.

alia. take care. mkn ubat. jage kesihatan k. jgn byk pk.

and.. thanks to him sbb tolong jage alia i. hehe =)

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