Friday, May 28, 2010

dream house 1

before i further elaborate about my so-called dreamy2 home sweet sweety home, i better list out some'd be fun rite?
1) start by choosing the area of your house
2) list down the ideal criteria that you want
3) match them with pictures :)
~good luck~

* btw, here's another confession...i am a daily dreamer...both day & much to dream of...the future is still unclear, but having some thoughts of it isn't that bad :) hihi...till then...xoxo~

the bedroom
theme: romantic ♥
~clean & tidy~
~simple & comfortable~
♥ canopy bed! i always want one!! with drapes...love2!
♥ lots & lots of pillows...i sleep with pillows all around me...people don't call the bed as nesting ground for no reason...hihi...
♥ fluffy mattress
♥ dark furnitures
♥ well combination of colours...preferably purple toned...lilac! :)
this one looks nice too
or greeny2?
or creamy2?
♥ well shades...simple, long curtains :)
♥ romantic lighting & candles...ahahaha...cheeky!
♥ smells good and did i mention the candles...woohooo~
♥ cosy sofa
♥ mirror :) 
♥ flowers~ calla lily...the fav :)
orchids are nice too...right?
and lavender?
or the classical roses? :)

waaaa~ best2...i wnt this room NOW!!!
dream the sweetest dream
for it will come true
one fine day

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