Thursday, May 13, 2010

flow of thoughts 10

13 may 2010
one of the ordinary days

hari ni class abis dgn awlnye...sejam je...kol 10 da balik...
jadi diriku hyper smpai skrg...haha...jrg okay nk blk awl pun...sbtu pun lately ade class...huhu...
anyhow, next week kembali packed...jadi bile dpt freetime mcm ni, mmg melambung sakan la tahap kesukaan hati...hehehe...enjoy while u can people...without feeling guilty...mcm saye...hehe...because the candy moment isnt always there <---- ayt ikut sedap hati... ;)

dok bilik td sempat la bfst smbil tgk citer korea "sassy girl choon hyang"...citer lame, released on tau2 jela tht year i was in mrsm, burying myself in the mist of spm fever...heheh...bdk nerd btl la...sejak dok asrama smpai skrg aku da xtgk tv sgt dh...ape2 pun mesti ketinggalan la...kalau blk umah pn tgk ape yg sempat...kalau nk ikut any series, skrg men download je trus...not via the tv...nk news pun bc paper je, online pn boleh...hehe...but bgs la kot cmtu...i remembered when i ws younger, not yet entering the life of boarding school, mmg addicted to tv...siap ade jadual lagi time2 nk conquer tv tu kn...katun ke, series ke...kalau terlepas tgk, bkn main kecewa...kalau time tu, ade kt luar ke, hati xtenang, xsbr2 nk hape je...haha...gitu la zmn budak2...hehe...

anyway, best la citer ni...bru nk tgk...hehe...romantic comedy is always my style :D mmg suke sgt2...berjiwa jiwang kn...and heroin pun lawa giler...wonder if she had a plastic surgery...tau2 jela korea kalau buat pun, she's extremely cute...and guess wut, people in korea called her "korean barbie"...hah, amk ko punye lawa minah ni...

Chun-hyang has it all. She is nice, pretty and smart. She is famous to her schoolmates because of her skills and talent. She has a bright future ahead of her until Mong-ryong came into her life. Mong-ryong is well known to be a big time brat. He always gets into trouble. Chun-hyang doesn't like his character especially when he drags her into a mess. Things got complicated even more when they were seen sleeping together by accident. To avoid misconceptions, their parents arranged them for marriage. They didn't like the idea but they have to resolve their differences to achieve their dreams.
A big film production, led by Hak-do, came to town. Chae-rin, Mong-ryong's childhood love, was part of the design ensemble. His feelings was revived after seeing her again. She used to like Mong-ryong only as hers brother but when she learned that he is engaged, she got challenged. She started to appreciate Mong-ryong's affection.

Chun-hyang won Hak-do's heart the first time they met and became friends. Even if he knows that she is engaged to Mong-ryong, he persistently show his concern towards her. He always makes himself available everytime she needs him.
With all the side love stories involved in their relationship, Chun-hyang and Mong-ryong decided to disregard their agreement and moved on their separate ways. Chun-hyang didn't push through with college due to financial problems. But Hak-do helped her put up a small business. She does distinct accessories and sells it to retailers. Since she is good doing this kind of stuff, Hak-do hired her to do accessories for his films. But Chae-rin was disturbed to see Chun-hyang worked her way up. She was envious that her designs are the film's priority and not hers. She then pulled out a plan of sabotaging her work and stole her ideas. The production thought that Chun-hyang's were a ripped off. Eventhough there were a conspiracy, Hak-do never left Chun-hyang's side.

Since Chae-rin works for Hak-do, Mong-ryong gets to see Chun-hyang every now and then. Realizing what he is missing, Mong-ryong felt something for Chun-hyang. He tried to overcome his feelings but he kept on ending up loving her more. Chun-hyang and Mong-ryong decided to start a clean slate. Feeling neglected, Hak-do involved Mong-ryong in a scandal. He paid an employee to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Mong-ryong. He got evidence recorded on tape although it was edited so that Mong-ryong would look bad. He threatened Chun-hyang that he would give it to the press if she doesn't come back to him. Even if she doesn't believe that Mong-ryong could do it, she gave in and broke up with Mong-ryong. As promised, Hak-do didn't turn in the tape. Hak-do planned a trip so they could get away from the scandal. Chun-hyang got off the plane just in time before Hak-do realizes that she is missing. She went as far as she could so nobody would find her. Mong-ryong thought Chun-hyang and Hak-do are together.

After college, Mong-ryong became an investigator. While on duty, he got in a car accident. He wasn't expecting that the owner of the car would be Chun-hyang but an employee was driving it. He tracked her down and found out that she was doing well in her life on her own. He tried to win her back despite of what Hak-do could possibly do to his career. Hak-do finally came to his senses. No matter what he does, he knows that Chun-hyang would always be Mong-ryong's girl. So he decided to turn in the unedited tape to show that Mong-ryong is innocent. Chun-hyang and Mong-ryong got married and lived happily - this time, its for real. ♥
~the couple is so so cute together... (^_*)~

btw, the songs are great too...hehe, da strt nyanyi2 paling berhantu "queen" by park yong suk...seriously i couldnt get it out from my head...mcm jazz pun ade...but it sounds so cheeky, naughty, teasy...haha...menyerap hati...layan lagu2 org kecewa kn...haha...lirik pun cm tgh2 frust jugak...but still, the music is the best...i lolololoveeee it!

pastu td pn kemas2 bilik & membuat keje sendiri...sempat juge tido...heheh...
then lepas lunch pegi men badminton...i decided to change my lifestyle...been extremely sedentary for so long, huhuhu...terase sejak dua menjak ni terbukak ati nk kuar ptg2 g exercise...
"20 minit setiap sesi~ dlm seminggu~ hny 3 kali~~~~~~
hahaha, ingat lagi x lagu ni?  ;p penting ye tuan2 & puan2 utk kite exercise...demi kesihatan...body kne maintain, jantung kne train pam lebih cket, muscle kne bg byk2 cket contracted and stretched...hehe...supaye kalau tetibe kete or moto abs minyak d tgh2 highway, bley la jalan sebatu dua utk p mintak tolong...hahaha...xpun kalau tetibe terase nk join merentas desa (is this wut they call the marathon running? huhu...xtau), boleh jugak pakcik makcik? hehehe...adik2 pun same...jgn dok men game je...buat ape kalau dok mendota/CS tp kamu tu xleh nk lari dpd musuh pun...hehehe...saje je, xde kene mengena dgn hidup ataupn mati...huuu~
anyway, sempena kt msia dok kecoh2 thomas & uber cup...budak2 my batch dah mule berjinak2 dgn lembah badminton ni...hehe...sorry people, i'll try my best to construct all the sentences...ampun byk2 ok kalau terabur gile...biase la bdk zmn skrg...tambah2 yg tercampak kt india kan...lagi la...huhu...bear with me okey? ;p
ni la MIT court tmpt ktorg main ramai2
sgt panas dlm ni tp bgs kot utk kuarkn peluh
mmg basah sakan baju tu...huhu
lets burn the FAT, people!!!!

im bck in my room now...saje nk update blog...hehe...smbil browse2 tadi tetibe gedik nk tgk ape maksud nameku...type muslim baby names...i jst found out that:
  • alia means beautiful (^_^) aminnnnnnn~ semoga panggilan namaku tu boleh menjadi doa dan diriku menjadi wanita yg cantik dari dalaman & luaran...
  • alia means highest social standing (^_*) aminnnnn~ semoga panggilan ni jugak dpt menaikkan darjatku dan meninggikn akhlak ku, amalan ku...semoga diriku menjadi kebanggaan org sekeliling & dpt dihormati :)
saje je tgk2 pn...kot2 npk yg sedap2 bley kot namekn ank nanti...
hahahahaha...gedik...lmbt lagi ye cik alia...xpe, saje je... ;p

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