Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dream house 2

the living room
theme: comfy & relaxing ♥
di kala bosan2 ni baik i post ape2 draft dlm my blog ni...byk betul...more than 100...tu la, byk bende nk tulis, tp dgn xde mase and xde mood...sume terase rajin nk browse2 internet serta membebel di blog sndiri...i'll continue with this so-called dream house :) best berangan2...the first part had already been done ages before : the bedroom

here i'd list again the rules
1)start by choosing the area of your house
2) list down the ideal criteria that you want
3) match them with pictures :)
~good luck~

♥ i love this sunshine pearly mirror, don't you?
♥ spongy comfy sofa sets
♥ high ceiling white curtains, nice coffee table
♥ this pink-purplish room is so cute, love the pillows & rug
♥ love the B&W wall frames
♥ lotsa throw pillows, cute rug
♥ perfect lightings, love the bookshelves
♥ clean & spacious
♥ callies in the hallway :)

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Aisya J said...

awwww i want a house like this too! :DD

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