Wednesday, October 29, 2008

class of medic : PBL

I spend my entire day thinking & preparing my physio presentation which is called PBL (Problem Based Learning) tomorrow...though its just a light topic but hey, it'll be included in our university exam...and surely, EVERY MARKS COUNT!!! wonder who'll be validating my really depends on luck...some lecturers will just let the student to present any prepared subtopics as planned but somehow some lecturers tend to be more strict & will pick randomly the student to present a random subtopic...but worse, the one who ask each student to come up in front & present the whole topics...extremely tiring+boring for both presenter & audience and it'll be time consuming...but yet, they're the boss...remember, EVERY MARKS here i am, staying up late & searching for the points, slicing up my brain for the sake of precious marks...

this time we were given a case situation regarding
Anemia where this particular patient suffers several symptoms...actually we had discussed the case during the brainstorming session few weeks ago...we came out with few learning objectives related to the illness...then go back and review or gather as much information till the day of presentation comes (which is tomorrow)...there we have to give out the findings and all the facts to be shared with the group members...this kind of study is a real fun i shall say...brilliant idea to encourage us to study about diseases...i can say its like a pre-doctor experience... instead of studying directly from the book, we have to find additional information on the net or other sources than the textbook...then, we could relate the facts with the case...talking about creative and critical thinking...anyway, here i'll list down some of the useful information regarding anemia...these are the possible symptoms that anemic patient might have...

  • fatigue & weak - when doing simple work or just by general, spread throughout the body
  • shortness of breath
  • headache
  • increased heart rate - rapid heart beat at normal breath
  • sweatiness
  • pale skin
  • inflammation at corner of mouth - sometimes resulting in mouth ulcer
  • nail disease - upward curvature
  • sometimes chest & abdominal pain
  • ulcers or blooded stool
  • jaundice
  • brown/red urine
  • difficulty on focusing
  • leg cramps
  • insomnia
  • in children - developmental delays and behavioral disturbances, problem to interact
however these are the early symptoms which might indicate one is having anemia...if any of you experience few of these, please consult the nearest doctor and further tests will be conducted to comfirm out the illness...anemia is a condition where there's qualitative or quantitative deficiency of haemoglobin in red blood cells (RBC), which is below than the normal level of RBC in blood...long term anemia could cause hypoxic condition (lack of oxygen) at the organs of the body thus damaging the tissues & failure of the organs...haemoglobin is an important pigment in RBC which helps in the transport of oxygen throughout the body and human cells depend on oxygen to make body systems function accordingly...thus anemia will cause problems for organs to function well...and severe anemia might cause the death of tissue, which further leads to death...however once the illness is detected earlier, the chances of improving is better...

quote of the day:
"talking about Opportunity...
never take things for granted, even the small one,
it might turn out to the be diamond in the sand,
you'll only realize once you grab it in your hand..."

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