Saturday, August 07, 2010

no other words can describe this feeling except LOVE

i'm so in love with u fahmi♥

have u ever loved sum1 more than enough to:
  • feel so blessed till u r on top of the world whole time, u even reached the clouds :) lalala floating & bouncing here & there throwing feathers & heart confetti...hehehe~
  • cry as u felt so grateful for the bliss ur love brings into ur life, and god knws how much u treasure his presence...and of course u wouldn't wanna lose him, in a million years...even just thinking bout losing him made u cry...ahahahah! this is so true...i cant help it, the tears just came out...huuu~
  • feel so happy that u begin to see the world in a different way...more colourful rather than black, white or grey...suddenly u've become a new you...the aura is just so remarkable...u even feel like u're spreading the love to everyone...hehe...
  • have this weird butterflies everytime he says he loves & misses u...and the butterflies seemed to multiply from time to time...and then burst out making u suffocated in ur breath...ahahaha, okay i might be exaggerating...but its true...nervousness + joy combined in one feeling = love...
  • have your heart beats frantically whenever u think of him...and u'd wann be with him all the time...
  • feel so lucky that u r the one he chose, out of all da bombs out there...and u r so proud to be called his...
  • feel so pretty cause he said so even though u r at ur worst...u feel like the most beautiful of all...despite knwing the reality that a lot of better girls out there...hehehe...yeah, im special...cause i have him :)
  • have this beautiful dreams of ur future, and of course that would include him...and the word "together" always comes in the dreams...also the word "us" :)
  • find urself smiling unconciously while listening to all the songs...and somehow u could feel the pain, love, anger, sad in all the songs...though they have nothing to do with ur life...u get kinda sensitive to feelings...its easier to internalized, feel empathy or sympathy...
  • find urself imagining both of u being in the romantic films that u were watching...he's the hero & u're the heroin...and sometime u even have this thoughts that ur life is way way happier than those movies... :)
lovey, saya cinta awak sgt2

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