Saturday, May 02, 2009

exam corner

And The Fever Begins
today somehow i feel like i have to update this's been quite sometime since i last posted here...lots of thing had is getting more and more we've already come to the end of block 3...the exam is just around the corner or shall i say its already really2 at the corner? the first day of exam would be on this coming wednesday...though there'll only be 2 practical papers but really, both could be quite tricky...huhu...i wish there's no exam, but what to a lecturer had once said,
"no matter you like it or not, you'll be facing non-stop exam till the end of your's a fact that you can never change"
true...that's why each and every moment counts, and only
will be your strengths to lead you along your survival...anyway, enough i've gotta continue my never-end study...with tons of pages and notes to cover up...i hope i'll be ready enough this time...hope the results will be so so much better...and yeah, IT IS GETTING BETTER...lets not waste time now...i wish good luck to all the students who are in the middle of their exams...pray for you all...till then, bubye :)
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