Tuesday, May 12, 2009

power of the BRAIN

nothing is impossible
if you dare to try
sounds familiar? people always say this words, to motivate others or even themselves...its a really powerful saying...but somehow, to what extent does it applies...it depends really...on how much we would put our efforts and waste our energy, or how much time we would spend, or how much money we would give away, just to achieve our goals...and how strong we are to endure several failures that might occur along the way...it takes a lot of guts to make a difference...
today i had 2 papers of anatomy...one is for essay, and another one is for true/false questions...as i finished answering the papers...well, both went on just fine...not very2 well, but better than before (at least)...however, it bothers me that how come i always have problems in memorising all the facts, especially anatomy...memorising here means not only for being able to repeat out the words again and again, but also to be accurate and spontaneously...i wish all were in my head...but thinking back, its not impossible at all...if not, there won't be any lecturers around...they're all like walking gray's or chaurasia...EVERYTHING IS REALLY ALREADY ON THEIR FINGER TIPS...i wish i have their brains...
but wait a minute, why would i wish having their brain instead of my own...i love myself, having a wonderful life and people around me...i never regret growing up like this, and being me...i have my own brain too...the same uncountable billions of neurons...the same amount of lobes (right & left)...the actual capacity of the average human brain is unknown...it's commonly believed that the average person only uses 10% of their actual brain power, but it's fairly certain that anyone can improve their brain power if they choose...memory in particular can be greatly improved...
so what am i frowning about??? one thing we have to remember is not to think about how they have successfully mastered anatomy, but somehow think back on how and what they had been through before to get in this position...i bet they went through hell already...seriously, only the dare-to-die-drying-out-dreadfully dudes will survive and achieve the goals...its really impossible (for normal people), but can be done...
as i browse around the net, i found this articles...hope its useful to all :)
...Here are 10 tips to maximize your brain power...
Keep Learning
It's best to think of the brain like any other muscle. If you don't use it, it becomes weak. For this reason, you should always be learning new things. Whether you learn from reading the newspaper every day or by visiting new museums, the important thing is that your brain is always working to store new information.
Exercise Regularly
Physical exercise plays a significant role in your mental health. It increases the formation of new brain cells, and strengthens the portions of the brain responsible for memory and learning. In short, a fit body is a fit mind.
Interact with Others
Regular social interaction with others can help you keep your brain sharp. In addition to learning new things from other people, just the simple act of dealing with people can keep your brain functioning at a high level. Interacting with others is the same as exercising your brain.
Challenge Your Mind
Experts recommend challenging your mind regularly with puzzles, brain teasers, music, arts and crafts, mathematics, and other stimulating activities. Brain fitness exercises work out your brain, and keep you in top mental health.
Sleep Well
Getting plenty of rest is necessary for both physical and mental health. Your brain simply cannot function properly if you're always running around on 2 hours of sleep. Rest up so that your brain can stay its sharpest.
Reduce Stress
Stress management is crucial to helping you sharpen your mind. If you let your stress run your life, your mind will become weak and overloaded with the stress. Reduce stress as much as possible to sharpen your mind.
Eat Properly
A proper diet does more than help you maintain a nice figure; it also keeps your brain functioning properly. A healthy diet gives your brain the fuel needed to run properly.
Do Something New
If you get stuck following the same routine every day, your brain won't ever be challenged. Do something different for a change. Maybe you can take a different route to work. Or, you could do something minor like change the music you listen to. Just do something to switch things up, and your brain will remain fit.
Sharpen Senses
This is an interesting workout for your brain. Try to sharpen your senses by removing one of them from an activity. For instance, try to eat with your eyes closed. Or, try to brush your teeth with the opposite hand. Little things like this will make you concentrate, sharpening your brain.
Take Supplements
Brain support supplements can help your brain stay in its peak condition. Products like constant focus give your brain the nutrients it needs to remain strong. They also help ward off forgetfulness and other mental conditions.
quote of the day:
where there is a will, there is always a way

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