Thursday, October 28, 2010

khamis : 28th

life suddenly become so colourful since i met you sweetie
how strange, i was so sure that it was just plain black & white before
aya syg fahmi sgt2
always have, always will

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the sub-psychotic-awesomeness said...

i miss u too hunny..been reading ur blog for the past few days..this is the only way i can get or feel close to u..rinduuu u sgt2..and i want u to knw that im always here for u..patiently waiting for u..u takegudcre of urself syg..btw,how was ur paper?i hope it was all ok n good..send my regards(telepathic-ly) to mama n abah..hehehe.i love u so much syg..alwez do and alwez will..muahxoxoxoxo..

urs forever,
Muhammad Fahmi Radzuan..

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