Friday, January 15, 2010

korean fever :D

im so so i love with ths guy
~hati still bunge2~
da lame btl xde love story yg bley terkesan
omg, really so so in love
da jatuh cinta dgn mamat ni
(sile tgk citer "You're beautiful" superb)
he's so his smile *angau da*
people might say its so cheeky to admire a korean actor
but like i care! i lololololoveeeeee himmmmmm
yaaaaahhhhhh *screaming*
suke sgt2 smpai ade goosebumps
hahaha (^_*)

btw, jgn main2...i really had become his fan in the official website...
haha...wuts funnier is tht i joined the one in fb too...

2010 dream guy : JANG GEON SUK~
the hottest & the cutest ~melts~
yaaaahhhhhhh!!! *screaming again*
nk pakwe gini bley...wakakaka
bouncing frm clouds to clouds ;)
sgt2 suke~

quote of the day:
JGS oppa, nanun norul jeungmal joaheyo (>_<)
♥ ♥ ♥

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