Sunday, July 03, 2011

bollywood style~

i just came back from our college supremo ball with the theme of bollywood...nice right...each and every person came with their own bollywood attire...culture shock weyh...all the sarees, salwar, lehenga/ghagra...cantik sgt...and the event was a blast...never thought this event rocks big time...everyone had a great great time! :) sadly this would be my first and last time to attend it...didnt had the chance to go last few years (which u people in mmmc knws why, ader org dok distribute sms suruh jgn pegi bla bla blahhh) anyway, it was nice to see everyone having so much fun...tidak keterlaluan kalau nk ckp skrg dh rase syg nk tinggal manipal...i'm looking forward to go back, but the thought of leaving this place with vast memories of 3 years here would still be a difficult one...i wish manipal would be better in the future, selamat dan lebih canggih...mane tahu lebih byk kedai2 mkn sedap2 nk bukak, even better if there would be a mall with a cinema...pls pls pls make it happen...haha...padahal bukannye nk duduk cni dh kan...haha...
let's get to know indian clothing!

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